Fantasy Fest #1

Pink Body Painting

These pictures are mostly of local Key West girls that get body painted during Fantasy Fest for their jobs. The first girl is a bartender and the second girl was working for a body painter trying to lure people off the streets to come in and get painted.

56244236_img_0897.jpg 56244226_img_0896.jpg 56244212_img_0875.jpg 56244205_img_0873.jpg 56244193_img_0872.jpg 56244177_img_0870.jpg 56244163_img_0869.jpg 56244160_img_0867.jpg 56244158_img_0866.jpg 56244156_img_0865.jpg 56244149_img_0857.jpg 56244147_img_0856.jpg 56244145_img_0853.jpg 56244144_img_0852.jpg 56244143_img_0851.jpg 56244142_img_0847.jpg 56244141_img_0845.jpg 56244140_img_0831.jpg 56244133_img_0829.jpg

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