Fantasy Fest 2015 Pics – Gallery #2

Fantasy Fest Pics 2015

Second set of my pics from Fantasy Fest 2015. These were taken on Wednesday night. Crowds start picking up on Wednesday and it gets busier every night until the big parade on Saturday. Saturday I actually don’t care for that much as many buses come in from Miami carrying riff raft and other undesirables and it puts a damper on the event. This issue is finally being discussed by the Key West government in the aftermath of this year’s event and hopefully something will be done about it in the near future. Nice to see them focus on the actual problem rather than finding new ways to harass the always well behaved nudists/swingers.

73112390_img_0594.jpg 73112392_img_0597.jpg 73112396_img_0598.jpg 73112400_img_0599.jpg 73112402_img_0618.jpg 73112405_img_0619.jpg 73112408_img_0620.jpg 73112411_img_0624.jpg 73112414_img_0625.jpg 73112417_img_0626.jpg 73112420_img_0643.jpg 73112423_img_0644.jpg 73112426_img_0645.jpg 73112429_img_0653.jpg 73112433_img_0654.jpg 73112435_img_0656.jpg 73112439_img_0658.jpg 73112441_img_0662.jpg 73112445_img_0663.jpg 73112447_img_0665.jpg 73112450_img_0676.jpg 73112454_img_0677.jpg 73112457_img_0682.jpg 73112459_img_0683.jpg 73112463_img_0686.jpg 73112466_img_0687.jpg 73112469_img_0688.jpg 73112471_img_0689.jpg 73112474_img_0694.jpg 73112477_img_0695.jpg 73112480_img_0698.jpg 73112484_img_0703.jpg 73112487_img_0713.jpg 73112489_img_0716.jpg 73112493_img_0721.jpg 73112496_img_0722.jpg 73112498_img_0725.jpg 73112499_img_0726.jpg 73112502_img_0727.jpg 73112504_img_0759.jpg 73112507_img_0760.jpg 73112509_img_0761.jpg 73112512_img_0764.jpg 73112514_img_0765.jpg 73112517_img_0767.jpg 73112519_img_0769.jpg 73112522_img_0771.jpg

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