Fantasy Fest Cute Girl Part Two

Fantasy Fest Girl Stripping on Bar

Cute topless bodypainted girl doing gymnastics on the top of the counter at the Taco place across the street from Captain Tony’s. This was from Fantasy Fest 2010. She drew quite the crowd.


56979192_img_2153.jpg 56979223_img_2154.jpg 56979236_img_2155.jpg 56979250_img_2156.jpg 56979261_img_2157.jpg 56979273_img_2158.jpg 56979314_img_2159.jpg 56979325_img_2161.jpg 56979351_img_2162.jpg 56979434_img_2163.jpg 56979542_img_2164.jpg 56979568_img_2165.jpg 56979592_img_2166.jpg 56979604_img_2167.jpg 56979620_img_2168.jpg 56979632_img_2169.jpg 56979641_img_2170.jpg 56979649_img_2171.jpg 56979660_img_2172.jpg 56979675_img_2173.jpg

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