Cute Blonde Showing Off

Cute Blonde Showing Off at Fantasy Fest

Cute blonde with nice boobs graciously showing off her hot bod at Dante’s Pool Party in Key West during Fantasy Fest. Unfortunately, this beauty did not compete in the Wet T-Shirt contest so this is the only chance you get to see her. Size: 17 MB Duration: 17 seconds Resolution: 1920 X 1080 Download this…

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Two Hotties at Dante’s Wet T-Shirt Contest

Two Hotties Dante's Wet T-Shirt Contest Fantasy Fest

These two gorgeous babes were late entrants to Dante’s Wet T-Shirt contest, but the crowd was sure glad they partook. The girl in the black thong had availed herself of the free body painting Dante’s offers during Thursday’s huge bash, but unfortunately she lost much of it during the course of the contest. Video taken…

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Latina MILF Gets Wild

Latina MILF Wet T-Shirt

This video was taken during the 2012 Wet T-Shirt contest at Dante’s Pool Party. Dante’s is a great change of pace party from the usual Fantasy Fest venues. It seems more like a wild Fourth of July Party than your typical Fantasy Fest Event. Anyway, this Latina MILF had an absolutely smoking body and gave…

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Huge Boobs at Wet T-Shirt Contsest

Huge Boobs at Dante's Pool Party

This hottie won the prize for biggest boobs at Dante’s 2012 Pool Party. She was one of the stand out girls attending Fantasy Fest that year, although the judges didn’t award her the prize in either this contest or the Leather and Lace contest at Hog’s Breath Saloon. Stay tuned for video of her turn…

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Body Painted Boobs Dance By Pool


One of the best perks of attending Dante’s Pool Party is the free body painting they offer all day. The only negative is in trying to keep the paint while attending a pool party. About half the folks that get the free body paint end up washing it off in the pool! This particular beauty…

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Beautiful MILF Topless at Dante’s

MILF Tit Sucking

Dante’s Pool Party is a great time. You never know when somebody is going to walk up to you and start sucking on your boob, as this gorgeous MILF found out! This video was taken during Fantasy Fest 2012. Download Video Here: ¬† Size: 24.5 MB Duration: 25 seconds Resolution: 1920X1088